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About Us

Heerachand Gems Private Limited was originally founded as a company specializing in trading of diamonds.

We have been in the business of supplying cut & polished loose diamonds of various sizes, shapes and colors as per our clients’ specific needs. In addition, we have also diversified into diamond jewelry manufacturing to further explore our potential in the industry.

Our technical expertise and years of experience in the Indian diamond trading industry helps us adhere to our quality standards and serve our clients on time – the two aspects of this business are of paramount importance to us, at Heerachand Gems Pvt. Ltd.

As a company with a vision to maintain stability and commitment to quality, we always strive to translate our client dealings into strong, long-term relationships.


At Heerachand Gems we understand that it is the quality of the diamond that lends it its value. Therefore, we are committed to quality while providing for our customers’ specific requirements.
Over the years, we have dealt with diamonds of various cuts, clarities, colors and sizes. We ensure utmost attention to precision by translating our orders into exact ‘mm’ sizes. In addition, we also supply certified diamonds as per our clients’ needs.

Products & Services

Loose Diamonds

Heerachand has made its global presence in the international market for cut & polished loose diamonds. Our primary proposition being customer satisfaction, we extract the best possible product range that fulfils our customers’ requirements, at competitive prices. We largely categorize our orders as per ‘mm’ sizes.

Diamond Jewelry

We also manufacture traditional diamond jewelry. Our in house designing team produces original jewelry designs as well as bespoke jewelry designs are as per our client’s specifications. Currently, we are supplying to Indian retailers and also deal with bulk orders. Our jewelry manufacturing operations are run from our factory, based in Mumbai.

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Heerachand Gems Private Limited,
102, The Capital, B Wing,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400051.
Maharashtra, India.Phone:
+91 22 61209000

+91 22 61209030


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